Champagne-Ardenne                                                                 champagne-ardenne map

Depts;Ardennes (08),Aube (10),

Marne (51),Haute Marne (52).





Champagne-Ardenne,located in north-east of  France and at it's northern tip bordered by Belgium,is a region most famed for the sparking wine that bears it's name 'Champagne'.
The origin of the name is Roman, Campania, meaning Land of the plains, these are used  today to produce vast amounts of cereal crops and beetroot.
France makes many varieties of white sparkling wine, but only wine  made from vines in limited parts of the region can be called Champagne and these are mainly located in the Marne and Aube departments.

Although mainly agricultural ,(over 60% of land mass) Champagne Ardenne does have a heritage of manufacturing, in particular metalworking and holds third position in France of metallurgy based production.The region is Frances major producer of barley and alfalfa, and the second largest producer of beets onions and peas .

The countryside  is  known for its rolling landscapes, large forests and many rivers, lakes and streams. The north of the region is dominated by the abundant Ardennes forests. Its rivers, all of which flow west, include the Seine, the Marne, and the Aisne.There are also 8 lakes reserved for tourists, including the Lac du Der-Chantecoq, the largest man-made lake in Europe!

At the moment the area does not attract many second home buyers from the UK, however the region does offer a good deal in the way of gastronomy and festivals, and offers good value in home purchase

Population: 1,342,363                                                                      champagne vinyards
Pop.density (people per sq. km): 52

Climate Type

Average temperature
Summer: 18°c, Winter 2°c.

Average sunshine
1,500 hours per year.

Average rainfall
Between 550 and 700 mm per year. (Ardennes and Haute-Marne: between 1,000 to 1,200 mm per year)