How To Find A Great Deal When Transferring Funds To France


Planning to purchase a home in France? Then one of the biggest obstacles can be sending funds from the UK. Exchange rates are moving all the time after all, making it hard to find the best deal. How then can you navigate the twists involved in sending funds overseas, to ensure you find the best rate? To help, I’ve put together some tips below. Feel free to browse them, and feel free to contact us at Pure FX to get a free quote on your transfer! Our exchange rates are guaranteed to beat those from your local bank.


Beware the banks


The most crucial tip regarding transferring funds is to beware the banks. People sometimes consider the banks their first port of call for currency exchange, thinking that such places provide a great exchange rate. This though is not the case. Banks are non-specialists in sending funds, and so provide neither good rates nor specialist guidance. In fact, using a bank could cost you several thousand euros on a large transfer, compared to other services out there. So beware!


Instead, to send funds to France it’s a good idea to contact a foreign exchange broker. Brokers are specialists in currency exchange, and so help people transfer funds overseas on a constant basis, in addition to providing other guidance. For instance, a foreign exchange broker can help you fix the exchange rate, so that you’re protected against drops in the rate. In addition, should you wish the rate to get better before transferring the funds, a broker can keep an eye on the markets on your behalf.


Be secure


Should you decide to contact a foreign exchange broker then, one important thing is to find a broker that meets legal standards. This means using a broker that’s regulated with Britain’s Financial Services Authority. In this case, the broker holds client funds in designated client accounts, protecting them in all scenarios. It means you can transfer funds to France with total peace of mind.


These then are the main things to look out before transferring funds to France. Look out for the banks, and use a broker that meets legal requirements, and you could find some great savings. Good luck and, as I mentioned, feel free to contact us at Pure FX for a free quote!


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