Why buy,or sell through FSBO France? The answer is why not, it is a win, win, situation for both vendor and purchaser.  


For the prospective buyer there can be huge savings, all the commission due to the immobilier (estate agent) is paid by the purchaser, the fees being anywhere between 4% and 10% of the asking price.  


On a larger properties of lets say €500.000 with a average 6% commision you would be paying an extra €30,000 ! Even a more modest investment in a home of €200,000 would incur an extra cost of €12,000.  


These savings would go a long way towards enhancing your new home,and are easily achieved.   


For the vendor,it gives them a competitive edge over other property being sold via an agent, and dealing directly with the potential purchaser can offer advantages in the flow of information.  


In the internet age the majority of houses are marketed on the web, hardly any agents rely solely upon ads' in the local paper any more.The better ones of course do this as well, and "up-market" properties can still be found in glossy magazines, but the "net" now dominates the market, and the more web presence you have the better are your chances of a sale.